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Genius Behind Lee’s Herbals Great Success

Lee’s Herbal founded by Professor Tao Ran, the former chief physician of Beijing Military Region General Hospital. Deputy director of the department of clinical Psychology, Capital Medical University has been in medicine for the essence of Chinese and Western Medicine. He established the “Theory System of Oxidative Medicine and Inflammatory Cell Activation”. This broke through the limitations of the existing medical theory system of chronic diseases caused by genes, immunity and lifestyle. He creatively suggested that chronic disease diagnosis and treatment should be able to resists in oxidation, activates inflammatory cells, changes lifestyles and the environment. It opened a door for modern chronic disease diagnosis and treatment, making it possible to permanently cure many patients with diabetes. Learn More about Tao Ran

Lee’s Herbal successfully cured a lot of diabetes patients all over the world. Through the dialectical and holistic analysis, the eco-medical system adopts the comprehensive method of conditioning maintenance and education which can effectively restore and even cure diabetics patients.
Lee’s Herbal also invented revolutionary treatment for obesity. People who don’t want to do a lot of exercises, this treatment is perfect for them.